Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Moilanen-ív - Moilanen-arc

Himos, Finnország - 2009. december 14.
Himos, Finland - 14 December 2009.


Marko Krusel said...

Very cool. Already back ?

Yesterday I took my gear I went to ski slope near my home, about 2km away. Medium wind speed but humididy was up. I got a few crystals time-to-time, but nothing that could generate halos.
Today it's even worse, wind speed is up, temps are around -11 and humidity is very low around 60%. No halos here.
On Tuesday I got a lot more crystals about 2km away from the guns. A nice pillar and later 22 halo and parhelia. The crystal cloud moved so quickly that I didn't managed to shoot anything reasonable. I hope Friday is the day...

Ágnes Kiricsi said...

It was a rather short visit this time. Unfortunately, I have to work, so I could not get away for more than a week.

I wish you good luck with the crystals. It's always so difficult to get everything right even when there are conditions. It's not only the right humidity and temperature, and then the right xtals, but when you get to photograph something, you find that it changes from one minute to the other. Think of Jukka's recent odd-radii by lamp-light. And also there's the task of collecting and photographing xtals at the same time... Pretty complex :)