Monday, 5 January 2009

2008-as részletes statisztika - Detailed Statistics for 2008

A képre kattintva látható a nagyobb változat. A táblázatban nem szerepel a Kern-ív, amit szabad szemmel nem láttunk, de Marko lefotózott Kilpisjärviben.

Click image to see larger version. The Kern-arc that Marko photographed in Kilpisjärvi does not appear in the table, as it only came out in his photo, and was not visible to the naked eye.


Marko Krusel said...

I see some "once in a lifetime" halo observations like blue spot, lowitz, contact and helic arc. The last is still stuck in Finland and in the poles. Did you also count in the 27th January sub-moon ?

Ágnes Kiricsi said...

Helic was a lamp display in Finland. It came out in Marko's photo, I spoiled mine. You also had Lowitz, I saw that in your table. My Lowitz was the Parry display I had on 12 November with the two upper Parry arcs and the contact arc. That was truly memorable. As for the moon display, I did not count them separately like you did. So all the lunar halos are added to the solar ones, thus the submoon is one of the 4 January subsuns. The same with parhelia and paraselene, they are grouped together. Actually I had 12 lunar 22° halos, 3 times paraselene, 1 submoon, 3 tangent arcs

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ágnes! It is really fantastic achievement to see so many and so various halos!

On average you see one halo every three days. Not bad ;) Unfortunately, my duties often don't let to observe sky and I haven't so many observations. But last year I catch for example Wegener, 9* halo and Bishop's ring so I am satisfied.

Your observations from Finland were marvellous! I hope to visit this country one day ... of course to "hunt" halos. On my list of phenomena which I want to see there are also PSCs and nice auroras.

Did you write something about submoon? I must have been missed this post.

Ágnes Kiricsi said...

Thanks, Jakub. Actually, I'm quite lucky with my workplace, it allows me to spend time with halo observation. I've never seen a Wegener arc, surely that was a memorable catch for you!
This was the submoon posting: