Sunday, 18 May 2008

Május 17 este - Evening of 17 May

Éjjel órákon keresztül mellékholdak és 22°-os holdhalo volt.

During the night there were paraselenae and 22° lunar halo for several hours.


Anonymous said...

nice parhelia.i had fun too mon.

Ágnes Kiricsi said...

That's incredible, Martin!
I was also looking for the CZA, but could not see it. Nice animation!

Anonymous said...

thenks.cza very bright, small 46°halo and meyby lowitz arc:
halos sun:

Ágnes Kiricsi said...

Lucky you! The images are lovely. You had a good day! Today we have halos again, but it's much fainter than yesterday.

Marko Krusel said...

Great moondogs !
Personally still never got them.

Ágnes Kiricsi said...

Thanks :) Mine are nothing compared to the Czech photos. I'd like to get a CZA once at moonlight.