Monday, 23 February 2009

Alsó parhélikus kör és alellennap - Subparhelic Circle and Subanthelion

Sajnos szabad szemmel csak a fehér foltot és a repülő árnyékát láttam. Kb 20 percen át tartott, és a nyolc kép közül, amit készítettem, leginkább ezen kivehető, hogy az antiszoláris pontban az alellennapon áthalad az alsó parhélikus kör és a diffúz ívek. A kép február 14-én készült helyi idő szerint 15:59-kor Bulgária felett.

With naked eyes only the white spot and the airplane's shadow were visible. The phenomenon lasted about 20 minutes, and out of the 8 photos, this shows the best how the subanthelion appears at the crossing of the subparhelic circle and the large X of the diffuse arcs. The photo was taken on 14 February at 15:59 local time above Bulgaria.


Marko Krusel said...

Lucky with the seat ! But I guess the sun view was richer considering the fact that the subanthelion appeared.

I usually try to get my seat facing on the sun...I hope one day I'll get a subparhelia with reflected Lowitz arcs.

Ágnes Kiricsi said...

Originally I also asked for a seat on the other side, but the check-in woman seems to have confused her left and right hand. I was angry at first, but later I did not mind.

Unfortunately I could not check the other side, as it was lunch-time when the subanthelion appeared, and all the trays were down :(

Anonymous said...

nice.havent you tried to stack from more images?

Ágnes Kiricsi said...

There is only one more image where the antisolar arcs appear, but it is much worse. In the others it is only a white spot, nothing more. So unfortunately, there is no good material for stacking.